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About Javanese Massage


Traditional Javanese massage is an oil-based massage with a history of over 300 years that originated as an ancient system of healing in what is now modern day Indonesia.
Javanese massage predominantly use pushing strokes with strong thumb pressure to ease muscle and joint fatique and soreness.  It focuses on the pressure points on the body and with deft strokes, break down tensely knotted muscles and aching joints. Hence oil is needed during Javanese massage to prevent skin burn from the pressure and friction of the long strokes and pressure.

We started providing low cost, high value Javanese massages and treatments in 2003 in the belief that there is a clear lack in Singapore for such services. We aim to provide our customers with quality massages at an affordable price in a clean and safe environment.
We pioneered the concept of training all our therapists by our resident Massage Master regardless of their experience level. All our therapists undergo rigorous training (including a month of On-the-Job-Training) before they are certified. They continue to be tested quarterly and are taught new skills as they mature and develop their own personal ability. This is to ensure a consistent level of expertise as well as a single homogenous style and technique.

We provide each customer with a fresh set of linen and change of disposables to ensure hygiene and cleanliness.